Vilkår og betingelser


  • The minimum contract for Online Coaching Premium Plan is 3 months, unless stated otherwise on your invoice. All payments for these months must be paid regardless.

  • When your minimum contract is up;

    • the subscription automatically continues on a monthly rolling basis.

    • You are free to terminate your contract when you wish.

      • If notice is given in the beginning of the month your last payment will be the current invoiced month.

      • If notice is given in the last 14 days of the month, your last payment will be for the current + following month.

  • If you wish to terminate your contract before the minimum contract is up, you must pay all remaining payments.

  • You can freeze your contract & coaching for up to 30 days.

  • If you are under the age of 18, written consent from your legal guardian must be provided.

  • I retain the right to use pictures and statements you send me for social media, website & promotion (I will always ask before sharing and I will never share your name or face without your consent).




  • You will receive an invoice up to 7 days before the new month.

  • Every payment shall fall no later than the 2nd of each month.

  • Payment is binding and can not be refunded.


  • When starting Online Coaching you will be sent a questionnaire, so I can create your personalised fitness journey. I will only ask for relevant and necessary information, and if there is anything you do not wish to answer, please let me know.

  • During Online Coaching I will note down personal information such as your weight, measurements, pictures etc. This is used to help give you the best advice and progress.

  • All the information I have on you is stored in a private folder on my laptop, that requires a password to access.

  • Your personal folder is saved for up to 24 months, in case you should wish to start Online Coaching again. However, I retain the right to save your before/after pictures and testimonials for unlimited time.

  • If you ever wish to have your pictures removed or deleted, please let me know.

  • Your email will be saved to my newsletter list, and you may infrequently be sent promotional emails from me about my services. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.